Celebrating our 4th Birthday by Giving 50% to Charity

Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini Yoga to the West, said a birthday is an opportunity to give gifts to others in thanks and gratitude for your life. 

We agree. 

Thursday, November 17th, is our 4th birthday and we're celebrating by giving 50% of all sales on that day to Karma Teachers, a not-for-profit that offers free and by donation yoga classes for communities in need.

If you're looking to do good this holiday season while still making sure that all the loved ones on your list have something special under the tree then today is your day. With an incredible array of ethically made products for Men, Women and Children in store, we can't wait to see what we're able to donate to Karma Teachers at day's end. 

About Karma Teachers 

Emerson Lim, the founder of Karma Teachers, with Rachel Evans, the Co-Founder of KOOSHOO

Emerson Lim, the founder of Karma Teachers, with Rachel Evans, the Co-Founder of KOOSHOO

Karma Teachers is the dream come true of a dear friend of ours, Emerson Lim. We met Emerson in yoga teacher training, immediately drawn to his humility and genuine love for helping others. Before our training had even ended he told us of a plan to create a space that would provide free yoga and meditation to communities that could use it most. He then said the model would be replicated around the world.

There was something in Emerson's nature that made us believers from the beginning. Both Rachel and I taught at the space that first year, volunteering our teachings to people from all walks of life. With the help of the KOOSHOO community, we also donated funds to provide 1000 people in need with yoga classes in our first year of business

Sure enough, Karma Teachers has become a game-changer in the years since, providing yoga and meditation to thousands and thousands of people that could not afford to go to a traditional yoga studio. They have collaborated with organizations such as the Canadian Mental Health Association, Covenant House (shelter and support for homeless youth) and Butterflies in Spirit (a group of Indigenous women who use dance to raise awareness for missing and murdered women). They have provided classes for people with eating disorders, kids with autism, homeless youth, impoverished women and pretty much every other marginalized group in society. There are now 5 Karma Teachers locations across Canada with several opening soon in both Canada and the United States. 

Their work is nothing short of miraculous in it's ability to not only change lives but whole communities. 

Karma Teachers continues to rely on private donations (and highly acclaimed teacher trainings) to keep their doors open to the community.

In support of the incredible work that they do, we're thrilled to be celebrating our 4th birthday by donating 50% of today's sales to their cause. We're sure you'll find something you'll love