West Coast Giveaway Shortcut

West Coast Gift Guide Giveaway.jpg

Saving the West Coast Gift Guide for when you have a little more time but want to gain 10 entries in 2 minutes to our $572 Gift Giveaway? Here's how:

1) Open all the links below in new tabs. 

  1. @feelingkooshoo
  2. @wawahawares
  3. @picotcollective
  4. @hendrik.lou
  5. @sitka_
  6. @holdgeneral
  7. @nourishvictoria
  8. @anianmfg
  9. @driftandnest
  10. @someofakind

2) Go to each tab and click "Follow" at the top right. 

3) Once you've followed all 10 brands, go through the entries below, clicking to open each and then clicking "enter". You'll get an entry for all 10.

There you go. In 2 minutes you've gained 10 entries to win the ultimate gift hamper. Note we will check that the randomly selected winner is following the brands they've claimed.