Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving with the KOOSHOO family.jpg

Gratitude will literally change your life. It'll also change your brain in a real way (as noted in our post: The Coolest Thing About Gratitude). That's as good a win-win as you'll ever find!  

Today we're feeling deep gratitude for you. Thank you for being such a brilliant and inspiring community. Every day we "meet" new people via this business and we're constantly inspired by those we get to connect with. 

Today, for example, we got an email from a Peace Corps volunteer in Togo, Africa, keen on our headbands for his "stereotypical volunteer" (his words, not mine) long hair. He's based in Togo for the next 27 months volunteering for something he believes in. To me, that's super inspirational and I'm so grateful to get to "meet" Nathan, as with thousands of other people, via this business. 

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving.