Be Remarkable Every Single Day

Be Remarkable

As a child you're your own superhero saving the world from evil, you're an explorer discovering the undiscovered, you're a princess ruling lovingly over a kingdom. In other words, you're remarkable every single day. Especially to your parents. 

Then adulthood happens and there are bills to pay and places to be and suddenly being remarkable gets knocked down the priority list. I'll get to it tomorrow, or in 2017. 

Big picture aspirational goals are important - like being a superhero, explorer or princess. Those goals, and the incremental steps on the way to achieving them, translate into a remarkable life. 

What's so important to remember, though, is that you can be remarkable in a single day. Even in a single moment.  

Have you ever been feeling low and received a most beautiful and genuine smile from a perfect stranger, a smile so complete that it somehow washed away your woes? I'm sure you have - if you haven't perhaps it's time to look up because those strangers are there. That person just performed a remarkable act of kindness. I'm sure you'd agree. 

And of course, that stranger with the acts of kindness can be you.  Easy as that. String enough of those simple but remarkable moments together and you have yourself one incredibly remarkable life.