Journaling to get the Most out of Life

Let it Out

I often cite traveling as the tool I've used to discover purpose and direction in life. 

This is mostly true. 

The travels illuminate new realities and teach that far more is possible than we sometimes allow. However, in truth it is the act of recording those experiences and learnings that make them real and valuable for later in life. 

I guess you could call that journaling. 

It was in a journal between small towns in India that the framework for this very business first took shape.

train in India

Fittingly, it is through this business that we had the fortune of meeting Katie Dalebout a few years ago.

Katie is the perfect embodiment of someone who has harnessed the power of the written word to manifest a dream life. She began a podcast called The Wellness Wonderland a number of years ago with a focus on sharing uplifting, positive and inspiring stories through interviews with wellness activists and  entrepreneurs (like yours truly) and has parlayed that into a globally recognized wellness podcast, attracting  some of the best known wellness personalities in the world.  

The ascension has been awe-inspiring to watch. 

It's also not been easy. Over the same time she's battled with some major personal hurdles that she's now harnessing to create even greater good. 

Through all the ups and the downs, she credits journaling with carrying her through. It's only fitting that the next step was to write a book about the transformative power of journaling for everything in life from organizing to manifesting to healing. She called it Let It Out.  

Get organized

We were fortunate enough to receive an advance copy. It's a beautiful book and one that, in the right hands, will change lives. We're immensely proud and inspired by Katie and wanted to share her work forward. 

Here's a fun trailer for the book:

And here's a direct link to the book page (we don't get a cut - just sharing forward the work of someone we believe in). 

Hope you find it as inspiring as we did.