Most Popular Blogs of 2016

Top Blogs of 2016

We love writing.

It's a chance for us to share stories that happen behind the scenes, to partner with those we admire most and to provide tools for upliftment (hence, the Feel Good Daily). 

In 2016 our content varied greatly, from deep dives into what goes on in our production facilities to our favorite tips for staying balanced in an unbalanced world to highlights of what's being said about us in the media, like when Alicia Silverstone raved about our hair ties.

While those stories were read and loved, it's the following 5 stories that garnered the most attention this year. 

Behold, our Top 5 Blogs of 2016...

#5 The Art of Hand Dyeing

Our countdown begins with a stunning photographer's journey through the many steps involved in our Batik dyeing process. Batik dyeing is the dye form we've become best known - featured most prominently on our ENSO Batik Headbands (men | women) and super-cute Kids Pants - and results in every piece we produce being one of a kind.

#4 Six Every Day Tools for a Feel Good Life 

While the holiday season may have been festive and fun most of the time, there's no question it can equally be the most stressful time of year. We wrote this piece to share our favorite tools for combatting stress and, judging by the number of shares it's received, it seems to have resonated.

#3 Is Organic Clothing the New Organic Food?

We think so. 

In this widely shared story, we look at the time organic food moved from niche to mainstream and lay out just why we believe organic clothing is poised to do the same. It's a personal favorite from the year and may get you seeing clothing in a different light. 

#2 How a Simple Design Can Change Fashion 

The biggest story of our year leads us to the 2nd most-read story of the year. 

This spring we launched a design of Kids Pants via crowdfunding that if adopted nationally, could save up to 12 million baby garments from landfills every year. The launch video for the Pants was watched tens of thousands of times and here's the blog with videos that sum the story up.

Shop the Kids Pants below:


#1 Men's Headband Style Guide

We wrote a lot of great content in 2016 that was shared, read, Tweeted and Facebooked around the world. This post, despite being number 1 on our list of Most Popular Blog Posts of 2016 wasn't actually one of them. The truth is we wrote this piece in late 2015 yet it was in 2016 that it began to receive astronomical amounts of traffic, to the point that it's our most read and shared article of 2016. Gentlemen, this guide to men's headbands is for you.

Thank you for reading and all your support. We have some incredible content lined up for 2017 so please keep coming back. 

If there's a topic you'd especially like us to write about, let us know in the comments below.