Videos of our Best Selling Organic Kids Pants

Sometimes life presents opportunities that, while unexpected, change your life. 

That's what happened to us when we posted to social media a photo of some kids pants we'd mocked up for our daughter from spare cuttings of the gorgeous organic cotton Batik fabric we use for our headbands. 

In short, the internet went crazy for them and within a year we'd brought them to life with the help of a successful crowdfunding campaign. 

This is the teaser video that got the ball rolling:

The Kids Pants have since been covered by bloggers around the world that fell in love with the sustainable credentials of the Kids Pants and routinely touted as the most comfortable pair of pants in their child's wardrobe.

With an expandable waistband and cuffs, these ingeniously designed Kids Pants fit on average 3x longer than other Kids Pants. This not only saves parents time and money (less shopping!) but also the environment. Baby clothing is a major culprit in global fashion waste (Americans toss an average of 80lbs of textiles in the garbage every year) and a design like this could save 10-12 million baby garments from landfills every year.

The Kids Pants are available on our website, Amazon, ETSY and through select retailers around the world. 

For those curious, here's the full crowdfunding video: